The biggest collection of printing wooden coat hangers in the world

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Hereby a big thank you to all previous and coming contributors !

With now 3.790 hangers in my collection, it would be quite a task to photograph each and every one, so I have collected some of my favourites here:

Chiki kjoler i Herning Willys Magasin i Helsinge

The coat hangers can tell stories : A little local company gets some coat hangers produced. The company grows, gats more wellknown, so now they don’t need the name of the city anymore.
In the end, the brand or the logo is enough – or the company merge with a bigger company.

Gramby bøjlen

Another story : The city Gram in south Jylland, Denmark was called Gramby, when all of southern Jylland was part of Germany. The hanger shown is typical for the time, simply cut from a piece of wood.

Den kongelige bøjle

It is not everybody which needs to put their name on their coat hangers. Sometimes a good logo are enough!

bøjle med specielt bukseophæng

A special attachment has been an unsolved mystery for a long time. But several nice people has now told me, that it is made for men´s trousers.

Magleaas the first hanger

It all began as a joke, back in springtime 1999. I had a few old coat hangers, which I was fond of.
One day my wife, Grit, says : "T hat coat hanger from Magleaas folkehøjskole, - can I use that as a present for a former pupil of that school ?"
To that I spontaneously replied: "You can't just give away my coat hanger collection !"

And so, the all started…

The collection suddenly got bigger, when a short time after, I had a big birthday party. All the guests had brought me a bunch of coat hangers.

The Danish newspaper Politiken had an article in2003, about the virtual “Museum of Coat hangers”.
Immediately, I had to contact them, to tell them that in Denmark we have a real collection, of about 1.258 pieces, but that I still missed Politikens coat hanger in the collection.

The hanger from the newspaper Politiken

A few days later, they sent me one of their coat hangers, and I got a visit of their backside editor, and a photographer.
December 12. 2003, I was ´hanging out´ on the newspapers backside.
That accelerated things, and good people from all over the country contacted me to contribute to the collection.

a little part of the collection

Here is a little part of the collection. The roof on my home office is full, and im slowly running out of space.

But I continue, because someday there will be no new wooden coat hangers manufactured, and the old ones ends up as firewood, when people clean up.

On 23 November 2014 showed TV2Lorry a nice feature as told on hanger assembly.

Some numbers:

- All the coathangers is registred in a database, and placed alphabetical after cities / countries
- From ca. 1.260 hangers in December 2003, there are now 3.790 original hangers in November 2014
   and about 100 pcs. not yet registered.

- 209 persons (´sponsors´) have contributed.
- I have coat hangers from 28 different countries. About 1.200 of the coathangers are from the Nordic countries.
- The complete coat hanger collection would fill up 55 big packing cases.
- There are also a lot of duplicates are stored, so there is something to barter with.

If there is a fellow "coat hanger collection addict" I would love to hear from you.

In England, there has been one which was just as crazy as me - but overall the fun hangers and had shown "only" around 700 pieces. His site is not active anymore.

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